About Us

Art Creator Factory
The Art Creator Factory was founded in 2015 by Saudi artists, and based in the Eastern Province – Saudi Arabia, where the starting point was the passion for non-traditional arts, the innovation of new ideas away from repetition, and the love of capturing creative ideas to produce a work of art.
Our Objective

At Art Creator Factory, we aim to convey the message of non-traditional art and highlight Saudi art at the local and international levels, highlight national skills and attract local energies to produce the most beautiful landmarks, sculptures and sculptures that simulate reality with the highest and finest details, and move away from the principle of importing from abroad and local manufacturing with the highest quality and lowest costs.

Our Vision
Our vision at Art Creator Factory is to spread innovative, unconventional and polished art at local hands throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and to become a center for the visual nutrition industry locally and internationally.
What sets us apart?
Creative thinking
Alternative Solutions
Speed of implementation
What do we offer?

Thousands of works of art and qualitative projects have been produced, including three-dimensional sculptures and figures, and drawings with the smallest details, which won the admiration and fascination of all those who set their eyes on them. Hundreds of exhibitions, events, and public and private occasions were participated in to highlight the landmarks of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and transform the client’s requirements from drawings and plans on paper to masterpieces and models with sizes exceeding 20 meters.


(fiberglass, cork, wood, rigid cork, printing)

Events and festivals

Organizing and implementing events and festivals


Equipping and organizing theaters and platforms

Animated figures

Design and implementation of animated figures

3D designs

Working 3D design

Creative decorations

Design and implementation of non-traditional decorations

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